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Italian cinema has produced a number of actresses known for their beauty, bust size and their acting ability of course. We thought we would list our favorite Italian divas and share with you all some interesting unknown facts. Although I never had the chance to date any of these fine felines, I’m quite positive that if they met me, I’d win them over with my immaculate dress sense and mysterious charm.

Monica Bellucci
Statuesque Italian actress Monica Anna Maria Bellucci originally pursued a career in the legal profession. Whilst attending university, Bellucci modeled on the side to earn money for her education which later saw her making her film debut in 1990, in Bram Stokers, Dracula. Though most film makers cast Bellucci for her physical qualities, some European directors understood the breadth of her talent and gave her roles that allowed her to explore emotional territory that many other actresses would have avoided.

• Her mother is a painter and father owns a trucking company.
• Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
• She is an only child.

Sophia Loren 
Italian actress Sophia Loren rose above her poverty stricken origins in post war Naples to become universally recognized as one of Italy’s most beautiful exports. Loren was noticed at the age of 14 during a beauty contest by film producer Carlo Ponti who launched her career and, 22 years her senior also became her husband in 1966. Loren’s acting ability is often overshadowed by her beauty and on screen flings, but here are a few facts we didn’t know about her.

• Godmother to Drew Barrymore.
• She hates beauty salons so she does her hair and nails herself.
• She served 18 days in prison for tax evasion.
• Thieves stole her Oscar that she had won for her acclaimed role in ‘Two Women’. She sent the academy $60 and they mailed her a replacement.

Gina Lolobrigida
She has dined with Dali, has been wooed by Howard Hughes and partied with Bobby Kennedy; the glamorous actress Gina Lollobrigida is a legend in her own lifetime. Lollobrigida was first discovered on the street in a medieval hilltop town of Subiaco, near Rome, at just 18 years of age. As a joke she demanded 1 million lire for her first film role and got it.

• She was the first photojournalist to obtain an exclusive interview with Fidel Castro.
• Throughout her career she has graced the covers of around 6,000 magazines worldwide.
• There is a lettuce leaf in Italy name after her ‘Lollo’.

Virna Lisi
Discovered in Paris by two Neapolitan Directors, Italian goddess Virna Lisi was required to do little beyond display her physical attributes throughout her acting career. Although her beauty was more valued than her talent, she filled demanding roles particularly in La Donna Del Giorno and Italian made spectacle Romolo e Remo.

• A Brazilian rock band Virna Lisi is named after her. 
• Won best actress award at the Cannes Film Fest, judged by Clint Eastwood.
• Lisi appeared on the front of Esquire magazine shaving her face.

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